Domain information Features

We have just released a bunch exciting new Features for DomainTyper to help you to get more information about each domain extension. We believe that these specific information about each domain will help you to find the most suitable domain extension for your brand new website.

For those who interested  about the New generic Top-Level Domains we put together a New gTLD wiki where we constantly update the information about the new domains.

Country Domains

You can find here all country code Top-Level Domains sorted by regions ( Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica). If you want to know more about a special country domain extension, just click on the extension and you can find more information.

For an easier transparency we tried to visualize the most important information you need for a domain registration. You can find a similar infographic about each Generic Top-Level Domain or the New gTLD.

Generic Domains

You can find here the all 31 generic Top-Level Domains and information about each domain extension.

New gTLD

New gTLD is the abbreviation of New generic Top-Level Domains. In 2011 ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced a program to the liberalization of the top-level domain market. The goal of the New generic Top-Level Domain Program is to increase the competition, innovation and consumer choice in the addressing system of the Internet. We collected all the 1930 new domains and sorted it in 26 different categories. You can find information about each New gTLD.


We also display a list of applicants and a list about each applicant with their new domain applications.


Now you can browse by categories or by companies. Search for each applicant or each New gTLD. We constantly update our information about the New Gtlds status.

Top Websites

For the sake of completeness we created the list of the most visited websites. These are the top 1 million most visited websites of the world. We filtered these websites by domain extensions so you can see the top websites with the given extension.


You can check the most visited websites, with each generic or country top-level domain endings. The table ordered by the most popular domain with the specific domain ending, but it also demonstrate, that a given website is at which position in the global ranking. The table on the side displays the rest of the domains in a given category. We also show you the total number of domain registrations and the number of websites in the top 1 million with the given domain extensions.

We made all these new features to you with hope that you will love it. We truly believe that it helps and inspire you during the search of your perfect domain name!

Domain Name Expiration Date: Should You Pay Attention?

Don’t let your Domain Name get lost!

After you have finally registered the perfect domain name, it would be a   shame to lose it, wouldn’t it?
Most people tend to forget about the fact that their domain name can expire. Yes, it is possible and a lot of customers forget easily about domain name renewal. Here is some useful advice for you to avoid this unfortunate event, preventing you from losing control over your domain.

Things to keep in mind!

– First of all make sure that all your contact details are precise and up to date. Otherwise you may not get an important email, which can be about your domain’s currency.
– You will get five notifications before the actual expiry date. Do not ignore them, because after that it’s not so easy to renew your domain name. It depends on the site where you got it.
– Although many websites threatens you that your domain name expires immediately when the expiry date comes, it is not true.
– If your domain name not renewed by the expiration date then it goes to expired status. Which means that you have another 30-45 days to renew it.
– In this 30-45 days the services are off and you also have to pay a fee when you would like to renew it.
– After you have successfully renewed your domain, it will take another 2 days for it to function again due to propagation issues on the DNS.

What else can happen if your Domain Name expired?

If you refuse to renew your domain name after the 30-45 days, then your domain name’s status turns into “redemption period.” This means that it cannot be renewed through the normal method anymore. The reactivation as well as the re register fee can be really costly. The redemption period is 30 days long.
After this period comes the domain’s next status, namely the “locked status”, in which period deletion time stretches 5 days long. After that it will be available to anyone to registrate.
Although it seems a long time interval, I would not suggest to procrastinate, as it doesn’t worth the additional money, stress and the scary possibility to lose your access to your domain.

What happens after the Domain Name gets deleted?

As it was mentioned before, when the domain finally gets deleted it is immediately becomes available again. The fastest customer can take it. Valuable ones can be re-registered in a minute. In this case you lose it forever. While other domains categorized useless are never re registered again. That is why renewing a valuable domain name is always vital in order to avoid embarrassment.
All in all I would suggest you to take care of your domain name, do not forget about it, do not give the chance to somebody else to grab it from you! If you keep in mind all the details which I highlighted for you, then you will become a caring and reliable domain name owner. Which means that you can continue to use your favourite domain.
So don’t be lazy! Renew your domain from time to time when it gets close to the expiry!

DomainTyper New Features

Today we have released some cool new features for DomainTyper and we carry on adding new stuff in the upcoming weeks.

What’s new

Now you can hover over a domain extension and if it’s taken you can check the whois, pagerank or visit the site. If the domain is available, you can see where you can register it and how much it costs.


To accomplish that we have handpicked the best registrars for each top level domains and built a database of registrars and domain prices to provide you the best place to register your domain.

Reordering Domains

To reorder your domain extensions just simply drag and drop them.


How to register and buy your Domain Name

Welcome back!

Looking for a good Domain Name? Use the Search on DomainTyper, choose the extension (.Com, .Net, etc.) and buy it now before someone else does.

Here is some important information before buying a Domain Name.


You can register multiple domains with different extensions, it’s up to you. Investing in other extensions becomes important when patenting something or protecting a trademark. Like,, Beside the other extensions I strongly recommend to buy a .com.


The exact price varies depending on which domain extension you go with. Some domain extensions are more expensive than others. You will need either a Credit Card or a PayPal account to pay for the domain. It will allow you to claim and get the domain name immediately on application. (Varies on extensions)

Contact details

You must supply up to date contact details. Domain Name Registrars won’t let you register a domain name without providing these details. Keep your domain registration up to date. If you have any changes to your domain or contact information including your e-mail address, update your domain information immediately. If your information isn’t current, you could lose access to your domain or even miss e-mail reminders to renew your domain.

Private registration

If you don’t like the idea of having your details available on the internet, you can apply for the private domain registration. This ensures that your details are hidden from public view. Without a private registration, anyone can see the details of a domain registrant by using the publicly available “WHOIS” database. Anyone could look up your details by going to the WHOIS database and entering your domain name. If you register a domain name as a private registration, your details are replaced with a proxy company. When somebody does a WHOIS search on your domain name, the details of the proxy company appear instead of yours.

Domain expiration

You can choose to register your domain for a single year or for multiple years at a time. Registering for more years earns you a small discount. If you choose to register for only a year, you need to renew the domain in a year to keep your Web site going. You can ask for email alerts to aware you when your domain is about to expire.

Be the owner of your Domain

Before choosing the company to register your name with, make sure that you will be the owner of the new domain. Some Hosting companies offer free Domain Name registration, but watch out as these companies usually keep the domain as their property. If you choose to leave the company you will have trouble moving your domain to another host. So when registering a domain name, make sure that you are registered owner, the administrative and technical contact as well.

Now that you’ve registered a domain name, you have a home for your online business on the Web. To turn it into a functioning website you need to have a Web Hosting plan. This is the next step in starting an online business.

GoDaddy is a domain registrar as well as a Hosting provider so you can use their service to register your domain and also to host your site.

How to find a Domain Name for blogs

Hey Folks!

As you know DomainTyper is a domain name search engine, if you want to create your website or blog this is the best place to start.

I would like to take you on a long journey on the field of website and blog building. I will share with you interesting and helpful tricks day by day. It will be an experience for me as well as I’m a new member of the team. I’m here to help you on this field.

I would like to help for those people who are not experts in the IT business, for all those who would like to build their business on the internet.

An increasing number of students and professionals are using the internet to earn some extra buck or learn new skills. Nowadays moms are working from home making their websites, writing their blogs. Students are creating their portfolios on the web to share their work experience, writing articles in their blogs. Hairdressers, costume designers, bands, cooks, carpenters etc. … I could write about different professions ten more lines… but I don’t, because it doesn’t matter who you are. I’m sure soon you will have your own website and blog.

I will cover the following topics in this and the next posts.

  1. Find your perfect domain name, and buy it.
  2. Find the perfect template for your site
  3. Do the SEO part yourself. Fill up your website and blog with content, make enormous traffic on it and get your frequent customers.

No.1. Find the perfect domain name

Finding the perfect domain name will take time. First you will think that all of the good domains are already taken, but that’s not true, you will find the perfect domain!

You have to think about it every day, everywhere. Use to quickly check different names.

On the go, the perfect helper is the DomainTyper iPhone app:

If you have an iPhone you can download this program and you can use it every single time when a new idea comes to your mind.

This program also can help you find domain hacks, or generate similar free names from a given word.

It’s fun to play with the words on the way to home.

5 tips to find the perfect domain name

You want to pick a good domain name for your blog or website from the start because most likely you will be stuck with that domain name for the rest of the blog’s life.

The reason I say that you will be stuck with that name is mainly because changing the domain name is kind of like starting all over again from the start and you don’t want to do that once your site is established and getting regular traffic.

  1. Domain Name should match to your website and blog topic
    Your domain name should be directly related to your offer or information available at your website. (It will be important later in your SEO) Just imagine when you are looking for something, you are searching for related words on Google. So think about your service and write down words you would use for searching. You should have at least 10 words.
  2. Short or Long?
    Domain names can be of any length up to 67 characters, but visitors will only remember your domain name for a future visit if it is easy to remember, so the shorter is better in this case. 😛
  3. Hyphens
    You may consider using hyphen (-) in between the words if needed for your domain name. If “” is taken then you can try “”.
    Using hyphen(s) in between the words sometimes help to improve readability.
    BUT difficult to remember how to spell. Once you get loyal followers or customers, if you choose a domain name with dashes or hyphens you may lose visitors. It’s easy to forget one dash and you end up on another site or a broken link. In today’s market, they may assume you’re no longer in business. Although, it doesn’t hurt your SEO, consider the long range consequences of a domain name with a dash or hyphen.
    Numbers are easily forgotten or easily typed in incorrectly.  If you do use numbers make sure that the numbers are brandable and memorable.
  4. Extensions
    If your website targets traffic by country, such as a German business that only does business within Germany… you are better off getting the .de extension. Same goes for, etc.
    .com is great if your audience is world-wide or mostly US-based.
    But domain hacks are getting more and more popular as well
    You can read about different extension here.
  5.  When you find your best choice for a domain, register it immediately because someone else may register it if you delay!


There are tons of other criteria what you can read about, but these are the most important.

Good luck with the searching. In the next post I will show you how to buy your domain name.


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