Domain Name Expiration Date: Should You Pay Attention?

Don’t let your Domain Name get lost!

After you have finally registered the perfect domain name, it would be a   shame to lose it, wouldn’t it?
Most people tend to forget about the fact that their domain name can expire. Yes, it is possible and a lot of customers forget easily about domain name renewal. Here is some useful advice for you to avoid this unfortunate event, preventing you from losing control over your domain.

Things to keep in mind!

– First of all make sure that all your contact details are precise and up to date. Otherwise you may not get an important email, which can be about your domain’s currency.
– You will get five notifications before the actual expiry date. Do not ignore them, because after that it’s not so easy to renew your domain name. It depends on the site where you got it.
– Although many websites threatens you that your domain name expires immediately when the expiry date comes, it is not true.
– If your domain name not renewed by the expiration date then it goes to expired status. Which means that you have another 30-45 days to renew it.
– In this 30-45 days the services are off and you also have to pay a fee when you would like to renew it.
– After you have successfully renewed your domain, it will take another 2 days for it to function again due to propagation issues on the DNS.

What else can happen if your Domain Name expired?

If you refuse to renew your domain name after the 30-45 days, then your domain name’s status turns into “redemption period.” This means that it cannot be renewed through the normal method anymore. The reactivation as well as the re register fee can be really costly. The redemption period is 30 days long.
After this period comes the domain’s next status, namely the “locked status”, in which period deletion time stretches 5 days long. After that it will be available to anyone to registrate.
Although it seems a long time interval, I would not suggest to procrastinate, as it doesn’t worth the additional money, stress and the scary possibility to lose your access to your domain.

What happens after the Domain Name gets deleted?

As it was mentioned before, when the domain finally gets deleted it is immediately becomes available again. The fastest customer can take it. Valuable ones can be re-registered in a minute. In this case you lose it forever. While other domains categorized useless are never re registered again. That is why renewing a valuable domain name is always vital in order to avoid embarrassment.
All in all I would suggest you to take care of your domain name, do not forget about it, do not give the chance to somebody else to grab it from you! If you keep in mind all the details which I highlighted for you, then you will become a caring and reliable domain name owner. Which means that you can continue to use your favourite domain.
So don’t be lazy! Renew your domain from time to time when it gets close to the expiry!

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