How to register and buy your Domain Name

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Looking for a good Domain Name? Use the Search on DomainTyper, choose the extension (.Com, .Net, etc.) and buy it now before someone else does.

Here is some important information before buying a Domain Name.


You can register multiple domains with different extensions, it’s up to you. Investing in other extensions becomes important when patenting something or protecting a trademark. Like,, Beside the other extensions I strongly recommend to buy a .com.


The exact price varies depending on which domain extension you go with. Some domain extensions are more expensive than others. You will need either a Credit Card or a PayPal account to pay for the domain. It will allow you to claim and get the domain name immediately on application. (Varies on extensions)

Contact details

You must supply up to date contact details. Domain Name Registrars won’t let you register a domain name without providing these details. Keep your domain registration up to date. If you have any changes to your domain or contact information including your e-mail address, update your domain information immediately. If your information isn’t current, you could lose access to your domain or even miss e-mail reminders to renew your domain.

Private registration

If you don’t like the idea of having your details available on the internet, you can apply for the private domain registration. This ensures that your details are hidden from public view. Without a private registration, anyone can see the details of a domain registrant by using the publicly available “WHOIS” database. Anyone could look up your details by going to the WHOIS database and entering your domain name. If you register a domain name as a private registration, your details are replaced with a proxy company. When somebody does a WHOIS search on your domain name, the details of the proxy company appear instead of yours.

Domain expiration

You can choose to register your domain for a single year or for multiple years at a time. Registering for more years earns you a small discount. If you choose to register for only a year, you need to renew the domain in a year to keep your Web site going. You can ask for email alerts to aware you when your domain is about to expire.

Be the owner of your Domain

Before choosing the company to register your name with, make sure that you will be the owner of the new domain. Some Hosting companies offer free Domain Name registration, but watch out as these companies usually keep the domain as their property. If you choose to leave the company you will have trouble moving your domain to another host. So when registering a domain name, make sure that you are registered owner, the administrative and technical contact as well.

Now that you’ve registered a domain name, you have a home for your online business on the Web. To turn it into a functioning website you need to have a Web Hosting plan. This is the next step in starting an online business.

GoDaddy is a domain registrar as well as a Hosting provider so you can use their service to register your domain and also to host your site.

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