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How to register a .SEX domain?

To register your .SEX domain, type your domain name into the box below.

As you type it will display whether the domain is available. It will list you the registrars and the registration price of .SEX domain. Click on one of the registrars from the list and it will take you to the registration page. Alternatively you can go to our Domain Name Search page to search for available .SEX domains or other Top level domains at the same time.

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Global Statistics

Most popular Languages on the Web
English 54.8%
German 6.3%
Russian 5.7%
Spanish 4.7%
Most popular Domains on the Web
246 million domain names registered globally
.NET 6.0%
.ORG 4.2%

Top .SEX websites

Global 10,377.
Global 84,327.
Global 92,795.
Global 102,736.

About .SEX

What is .SEX?

The .SEX web name is a New gTLD (new Generic top-level domain) and the Internet code for SEX.

Why is it good to choose a domain name with a .SEX extension?

The red light district of the cyberspace.
Beside the existing .XXX adult domain, there are some new domain application to reserve to manage adult content. These are .SEX, .PORN and .ADULT New gTLDs. More than 30% of the internet  traffic is sexual content. This shows that lot of consumers are visiting this kind of only adult sites. These new gTLDs brings new opportunities to the global adult entertainment industry and also separate these adult material sites, in this way protect the young users. Using these domain extensions, internet users immediately could recognize the TLD and be aware of what the content will relate to.

Who can register .SEX domain?

The .SEX is closed to new domain registration.

Stay tuned if you want to know more information about .SEX New gTLD.

Original Applicants

Name Website Primary Contact Email Application Id
(ICM Registry SX LLC) Mr. Stuart John Lawley 1-1106-79501
(Internet Marketing Solutions Limited)
Mr. Jeff Gilroy 1-2113-59868
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