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(.CLUB DOMAINS, LLC) Mr. Peter Augustine LaMantia 1-864-71021

About .CLUB

What is .CLUB?

The .CLUB domain name is the new Generic top-level domain (New gTLD) for CLUB.

Why is it good to choose a domain name with a .CLUB extension?

A big welcome to the .CLUB domain name!
How many times did you want to go out somewhere in the last second, so you tried to search on the internet and you couldn’t find a good club with updated programs near to you? It happened with me many times, it was so hard to find clubs near my location. The hustle of searching brakes my excitement to go out. Hopefully with this domain all clubs will go online and start to compete for us, the customers, who are dying to find the best parties online! I’m sure that .CLUB domain  will deliver niche-focused web services designed to help clubs to establish an effective and updated websites and give great customer experiences.
If you have a club, no matter how big it is, go online with .CLUB and get recognized by the world!

Who can register .CLUB domain?

Anyone can register for a .CLUB Domain; however, it will be soon available by early 2014.  Please stay tune with us!