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What is a .NET.TH domain? is a second-level domain for Thailand, typically used by network-related entities such as ISPs.

What are the requirements to buy a domain?

To register a domain, the applicant must be a registered company in Thailand or have a trademark registered in Thailand. Additionally, the domain name selected must be directly related to the company name or the trademark. Proof of company registration or trademark registration in Thailand is required during the application process.

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1. no change
594. 5
2. no change
1147. 13
3. no change
1329. 7
4. no change
1483. 13
5. no change
7106. 87
6. no change
7709. 37
7. no change
10175. 9
8. no change
10671. 36
9. no change
10684. 69
10. no change
11583. 132

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About .NET.TH Domain

The Significance of in the Digital Era

The digital landscape is continuously evolving, with internet domains playing a pivotal role in establishing online identities. Among these, the domain stands as a crucial component within Thailand's digital ecosystem. Thailand, with a population surpassing 69 million people and Thai as its main language, has been witnessing a substantial digital transformation. This transformation has brought the domain into the spotlight, emphasizing its importance for entities aiming to mark their digital presence within the country.

Overview of Domain

The domain is a second-level domain under Thailand's country code top-level domain (ccTLD), .th. It is specifically designed for entities associated with network services, including but not limited to internet service providers, infrastructure companies, and technology-oriented businesses. The domain's governance is under the purview of the Thai Network Information Center (THNIC), which ensures its operations align with the country's digital regulations and standards.

Registration Eligibility and Process

When it comes to the registration of a domain, there are specific criteria that must be met. Notably, both individuals and companies can register a domain, provided they have a significant presence or interest in Thailand's network services sector. The process involves a thorough verification to ensure compliance with THNIC's guidelines.

Key Registration Criteria:

  • Proof of association with network services or technology sector in Thailand
  • Valid documentation proving the presence or business operation in Thailand
  • Compliance with THNIC's naming conventions and regulations

Character Limitations for Domains

A fundamental aspect to consider when registering a domain is the character limitation. The minimum and maximum limits of characters for a domain name are set to ensure simplicity and effectiveness in domain management. Specifically, a domain name under the extension must consist of at least 2 characters and cannot exceed 63 characters. This range provides ample flexibility while maintaining a level of standardization.

Criteria Details
Minimum Length 2 characters
Maximum Length 63 characters

Significance for Businesses and Network Entities

For businesses and entities within the network and technology sectors, the domain holds substantial significance. "The domain not only serves as a digital identifier but also as a marker of credibility and local presence within Thailand's vibrant digital marketplace," as stated by a leading technology analyst. Entities that secure a domain are perceived with a higher level of trust and professionalism, crucial for establishing business relationships and customer engagement.

Data and Trends Surrounding Registrations

Over the years, there has been a noticeable trend in the registration of domains. Data from the THNIC reveals a steady increase in the adoption of domains, indicative of the growing recognition of its value among network service providers and technology companies. This uptick is not only a testament to the domain's relevance but also reflects the broader digital growth within Thailand.

Recent Registration Statistics:

  • Year-on-year increase in domain registrations
  • Higher adoption rate among technology startups and internet service providers
  • Expanding diversity in the types of entities registering domains

The Future of in Thailand's Digital Landscape

The future of the domain appears promising, with its role in Thailand's digital ecosystem becoming increasingly pivotal. As the country continues to embrace digital innovation, the demand for domains is expected to rise, driven by both existing businesses and new entrants in the technology sector. This trend underscores the domain's importance in fostering a competitive and dynamic online environment in Thailand.

Moreover, the THNIC's ongoing efforts to streamline the registration process and implement policies that support the digital economy's growth are instrumental in enhancing the domain's appeal. These initiatives are crucial for maintaining the domain's relevance and ensuring it remains a key player in Thailand's digital transformation journey.


In summary, the domain is more than just a digital address; it's a strategic asset for businesses and entities within Thailand's network services and technology sectors. Its significance is evident in the growing number of registrations, the stringent eligibility criteria, and the domain's role in establishing credibility and trust. As Thailand's digital landscape continues to evolve, the domain is poised to play an even more critical role, reflecting the country's commitment to digital excellence and innovation.