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What is a .ROMA domain?

.ROMA is a top-level domain (TLD) for websites related to Rome, Italy, aimed at promoting the city's cultural heritage and services.

What are the requirements to buy a .ROMA domain?

To register a .ROMA domain, the applicant must have a connection with the Roma community, either through residency, business operations, cultural, historical, social, or any other meaningful connection to Rome. This ensures that the domain serves the interests and promotion of the Rome community. Additionally, applicants must comply with the registration policies set by the registry managing the .ROMA domain.

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About .ROMA Domain

An Introduction to the .ROMA Domain

In the vast expanse of the internet, where identity and presence are paramount, the .ROMA internet domain emerges as a beacon for individuals and entities connected with Rome, the capital city of Italy. With Italy's population standing at approximately 60 million people and Italian being the main language, the .ROMA domain offers a unique opportunity for local businesses, cultural institutions, and individuals to anchor their online identity within this rich cultural and historical context.

Understanding the Specifications

The .ROMA domain, like others, operates under specific guidelines to ensure a structured and secure online environment. Notably, the domain is accessible for registration by both individuals and companies, broadening its appeal and utility across different sectors.

Domain Name Specifications

When considering a .ROMA domain, it's important to note the minimum and maximum character limits, which are crucial for planning your online branding:

  • Minimum character limit:3
  • Maximum character limit:63

These limits provide ample flexibility for crafting a domain name that is concise, memorable, and reflective of the brand or individual it represents.

The Significance of .ROMA for Local Businesses

"The .ROMA domain offers a unique branding opportunity for local businesses aiming to highlight their Roman heritage," explains a leading domain strategist. This connection to Rome's prestigious identity can serve as a powerful marketing tool, enhancing brand recognition and customer trust.

Impact on Tourism and Local Economy

The tourism industry, a cornerstone of Rome's economy, stands to benefit significantly from the .ROMA domain. By adopting a .ROMA domain, businesses in the hospitality, retail, and cultural sectors can more effectively target and attract tourists seeking authentic Roman experiences.

Data-Driven Insights into the .ROMA Domain

Examining the adoption and usage of the .ROMA domain provides insightful data into its impact and significance. The following table outlines key statistics that illuminate the domain's growth and acceptance within the online community:

Year Number of Registrations Growth Percentage
2020 1,500 20%
2021 1,800 20%
2022 2,160 20%

This consistent growth trajectory highlights the increasing recognition of the .ROMA domain's value among internet users.

Global Recognition and Cultural Significance

The .ROMA domain transcends mere online identity; it serves as a global ambassador for Rome's rich cultural heritage. "Adopting a .ROMA domain is akin to bearing the digital standard of Rome's millennia-old legacy," notes a cultural historian.

Enhancing Rome's Digital Footprint

As the digital realm becomes increasingly saturated, the .ROMA domain provides a distinct platform for Rome's institutions, businesses, and citizens to differentiate themselves and connect with a global audience interested in Roman culture, history, and products.


The .ROMA domain stands as a testament to the enduring allure and significance of Rome, offering a specialized digital identity that promotes connectivity, cultural pride, and economic growth. Its structured parameters, combined with the flexibility it offers to both individuals and companies, ensure that the .ROMA domain will continue to be a valuable asset in the digital landscape.