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What is a .au domain?

.au is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Australia.

What are the requirements to buy a .au domain?

To buy a .au domain, you must have a direct connection to Australia, such as being an Australian citizen, resident, or owning an Australian-registered business. Additionally, the domain name you choose must have a close and substantial connection to you or your activities, ensuring it matches or closely resembles your name, business, or brand. Lastly, you'll need to provide valid Australian contact details during the registration process.

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About .AU Domain

The .au Domain: A Comprehensive Overview

The .au domain stands as a pivotal element in Australia's digital landscape, serving as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) designated for the nation. This domain has witnessed significant growth and evolution, reflecting Australia's dynamic online ecosystem. With a population of approximately 25 million people and English as the primary language, Australia boasts a highly connected society, making the .au domain a critical asset for individuals and businesses aiming to establish a robust online presence in this market.

Historical Context and Development

The inception of the .au domain dates back to 1986, marking a foundational moment in Australia's internet history. Over the years, this domain has undergone extensive governance and policy reforms to align with global best practices and the evolving needs of the Australian internet community. "The stewardship of the .au domain is a testament to Australia's commitment to fostering a secure, resilient, and accessible online environment," notes a leading digital policy expert.

Key Features and Regulations

The .au domain is governed by auDA (the .au Domain Administration), which sets the policies and regulations for domain registration and management. This framework ensures that the .au domain remains a trusted, well-regulated space for online activities.

  • Individuals and companies can register a .au domain.
  • The domain name must have a direct connection to the registrant to ensure relevance and authenticity.
  • Registration is open to Australian entities, including citizens, residents, and Australian-registered companies.

Domain Specifications

Attribute Specification
Minimum Length 2 characters
Maximum Length 63 characters
Allowed Characters Letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), hyphens (except at the start or end)

These specifications ensure a wide range of possibilities for creating meaningful and memorable domain names within the .au namespace.

The Impact of .au on the Australian Digital Economy

The .au domain plays a crucial role in Australia's digital economy, providing a platform for businesses to connect with local and global audiences. According to recent data, over 3 million .au domains are registered, highlighting the domain's popularity and importance in establishing online identities. "The .au domain is a key driver of digital innovation and economic growth in Australia," states an industry analyst. This domain not only facilitates online branding and marketing efforts but also enhances the visibility of Australian businesses on the global stage.

Security and Trust in the .au Domain

Security measures are paramount in the governance of the .au domain. auDA implements rigorous policies and protocols to protect domain registrants and users from fraud, abuse, and other online threats. These efforts contribute to the .au domain's reputation as a secure and reliable namespace for online endeavors.

Looking to the Future

The .au domain continues to evolve in response to technological advancements and the changing needs of the internet community. Initiatives such as the introduction of second-level registrations (e.g., are part of auDA's strategy to expand the domain's flexibility and appeal. As Australia's digital landscape progresses, the .au domain remains at the forefront, adapting and innovating to support the nation's online future.


In conclusion, the .au domain is a cornerstone of Australia's internet infrastructure, offering a unique and valuable platform for individuals and businesses to thrive online. Its development, governance, and impact reflect Australia's commitment to creating a secure, inclusive, and dynamic digital environment. As the .au domain continues to grow and adapt, it will undoubtedly play an integral role in shaping Australia's digital identity and economic prosperity in the years to come.