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What is a .nz domain?

.nz is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for New Zealand.

What are the requirements to buy a .nz domain?

To buy a .nz domain, you generally need to provide valid contact information, including an email address and a physical address, which can be located outside New Zealand. There are no specific citizenship or residency requirements, making it accessible to individuals and organizations worldwide. However, you must comply with the .nz domain name space's policies and ensure the domain is not registered for fraudulent or illegal purposes.

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About .NZ Domain

The .nz Internet Domain: A Comprehensive Overview

New Zealand, with its population of approximately 5 million people and English as its main language, is a vibrant and digitally connected nation. The .nz internet domain is the country's digital identifier, offering a unique branding opportunity for both individuals and companies alike. As the internet continues to evolve, understanding the nuances of the .nz domain is crucial for anyone looking to establish a significant online presence in New Zealand.

History and Management of .nz Domain

The .nz domain was introduced in 1987, becoming one of the first country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) established. Managed by InternetNZ, a non-profit organization responsible for the New Zealand domain name space, the .nz domain is a critical part of the nation's internet infrastructure. InternetNZ's stewardship ensures the domain's operation is secure, reliable, and responsive to New Zealanders' needs.

Key Features of the .nz Domain

"The .nz domain is synonymous with New Zealand's identity on the global stage," a sentiment echoed by many in the digital landscape. Here are some of the critical attributes of the .nz domain:

  • Open Registration: Both individuals and companies can register a .nz domain, making it a versatile choice for various online endeavors.
  • Character Limits: The domain name must be between 3 and 63 characters, allowing for a wide range of creative and descriptive names.
  • Localization: Having a .nz domain signals a strong connection to New Zealand, beneficial for businesses targeting the local market.
  • Trust: New Zealand's reputation for transparency and stability extends to its domain, instilling confidence in consumers.

Registration Trends and Data

Over the years, the .nz domain has seen significant growth. As of the latest data, there are over 700,000 registered .nz domains, a testament to its popularity and the growing digital economy in New Zealand. The following table highlights the year-over-year growth of .nz domain registrations:

Year Registered .nz Domains
2018 650,000
2019 670,000
2020 690,000
2021 710,000

Choosing the Right .nz Domain

Deciding on the perfect .nz domain requires careful consideration. "It's not just about the name; it's about creating a connection with your audience," experts often advise. Here are some factors to consider:


Ensure the domain name reflects your brand or purpose accurately. It should be easy to remember and spell for your target audience.

Short and Simple

Avoid overly long or complicated names. Shorter names are easier to recall and reduce the risk of mistyping.


Choose a name that allows for growth and flexibility, avoiding overly specific terms that might limit future expansion.

Benefits of .nz for Businesses and Individuals

The .nz domain offers numerous advantages, from enhancing local relevance to building trust. For businesses, it signals a commitment to the New Zealand market, potentially improving search engine rankings within the country. Individuals can benefit from the .nz domain by establishing a personal brand closely tied to New Zealand's identity.

Legal and Policy Considerations

InternetNZ has established policies to ensure the .nz domain space remains safe and trustworthy. These include measures against cyber-squatting and ensuring registrants' rights. Adhering to these policies is essential for maintaining the integrity of the .nz domain and protecting users' interests.

Impact on New Zealand's Digital Landscape

The .nz domain plays a pivotal role in New Zealand's digital economy and online identity. It has facilitated the growth of local businesses, enabled individuals to carve out their digital spaces, and contributed to the country's global digital footprint. "The .nz domain is more than just an address; it's a symbol of our digital sovereignty," a principle that continues to guide its evolution.


In conclusion, the .nz domain is an integral part of New Zealand's internet ecosystem, offering a unique and valuable platform for individuals and companies alike. Its open registration policy, coupled with the nation's reputation for trust and stability, makes it an attractive choice for establishing an online presence. As the digital landscape evolves, the .nz domain remains a key player in connecting New Zealand with the global community.