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Northern Mariana Islands
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$42.99 - $48

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What is a .MP domain?

The .mp domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Northern Mariana Islands.

What are the requirements to buy a .mp domain?

To buy a .mp domain, you need to register through an official .mp domain registrar, which can be found on the .mp registry's website. There are no specific geographic or local presence requirements to register a .mp domain, making it accessible to individuals and businesses worldwide. However, you must comply with the registrar's terms and conditions and pay the registration fee, which can be higher than many other top-level domains.

Top Websites with .MP Domain

Rank in .MP
Global Rank
1. no change
218. 1
2. no change
2916. 17
3. no change
140858. 4559
4. no change
507820. 8926
5. no change
617786. 8105
6. no change
688376. 13794

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to activate a .MP domain after registration?
  • A .MP domain is typically activated immediately after registration, but it may take up to 48 hours for the domain to propagate across the internet and become universally accessible.
  • Are there any specific legal requirements for using a .MP domain?
  • While there are no specific legal requirements unique to .MP domains, users must comply with applicable laws and policies, including those related to copyright, privacy, and online conduct.
  • Can I use internationalized domain names (IDNs) with .MP?
  • The availability of IDNs for .MP domains depends on the registrar. Some registrars may support IDNs, allowing the use of non-Latin characters in .MP domain names.
  • Can I sell my .MP domain?
  • Yes, you can sell your .MP domain. There are no restrictions on the sale or transfer of .MP domains, but you should ensure the transfer is done according to the registrar's policies.
  • Is it possible to register a .MP domain anonymously?
  • Yes, it is possible to register a .MP domain anonymously by using privacy protection services offered by many registrars. These services replace your personal information in the public WHOIS database with that of the registrar's privacy service.
  • Can I register a .MP domain if I am not a resident of Northern Mariana Islands?
  • Yes, you can register a .MP domain regardless of your residency. The .MP domain is available for registration by individuals and entities worldwide.
  • Can non-profits register a .MP domain?
  • Yes, non-profits can register a .MP domain. There are no restrictions on the type of entities that can register .MP domains, making them available to non-profits, businesses, and individuals alike.
  • How can I make my .MP domain compliant with local laws?
  • To ensure your .MP domain complies with local laws, familiarize yourself with and adhere to the relevant legal requirements in the Northern Mariana Islands and your own jurisdiction, including copyright, privacy, and online business practices.
  • What is the difference between .MP and other country code top-level domains (ccTLDs)?
  • The main difference between .MP and other ccTLDs is the specific country or territory they represent. .MP is for the Northern Mariana Islands, and each ccTLD has its own policies, regulations, and intended uses. Additionally, some ccTLDs, like .MP, are marketed for broader, global uses beyond their geographic significance.
  • Are there any SEO benefits to using a .MP domain?
  • Using a .MP domain has no inherent SEO benefits over other domains. SEO effectiveness depends more on the website's content, structure, and backlink profile than its domain extension.
  • Can I register a .MP domain for a trademark I own?
  • Yes, you can register a .MP domain for a trademark you own. It's advisable to do so to protect your brand, though you should ensure the domain is used in a manner consistent with your trademark rights.
  • Are there any special characters allowed in .MP domain names?
  • Yes, .MP domain names allow hyphens (-), but they cannot begin or end with a hyphen, nor can they have two consecutive hyphens in the 3rd and 4th position. Other special characters are not allowed.
  • What happens if my .MP domain expires?
  • If your .MP domain expires, it typically goes through a grace period where you can renew it without losing ownership. If not renewed during this period, it enters a redemption phase with higher fees for recovery. Finally, it may be released for public registration if not claimed.
  • How can I protect my privacy with a .MP domain registration?
  • To protect your privacy with a .MP domain registration, use a WHOIS privacy service offered by your registrar. This service hides your personal contact information from the public WHOIS database.

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About .MP Domain

The Unique Landscape of the .mp Domain

The digital era has ushered in an age where domain names serve as the cornerstone of online identity. Among these, the .mp domain stands out, not just for its distinctive character but also for its intriguing origin and applications. This domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth in the Pacific Ocean. With a modest population of approximately 57,000 individuals and English as the predominant language, this territory offers a fascinating backdrop for the .mp domain.

Key Attributes of the .mp Domain

"The .mp domain offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and digital innovation," experts often say. Its management and operational frameworks are tailored to meet both local and international needs, making it a versatile choice for various online endeavors.

Eligibility and Registration

One of the standout features of the .mp domain is its accessibility. Both individuals and companies can register a .mp domain, which opens up a plethora of opportunities for personal branding, business marketing, and more. This inclusivity has contributed significantly to the domain's popularity.

Character Limitation

When it comes to naming conventions, the .mp domain maintains a flexible yet orderly structure. Domain names can range from a minimum of 3 characters to a maximum of 63 characters. This range is designed to accommodate diversity while ensuring clarity and memorability of the domain names.

Statistical Insights into the .mp Domain

Data plays a crucial role in understanding the impact and utilization of the .mp domain. Over the years, the domain has seen varied applications, from personal blogs to corporate websites, reflecting its broad appeal and utility.

Year Number of Registrations Notable Uses
2015 2,500 Personal Blogs
2018 4,000 Corporate Websites
2021 5,500 E-commerce Platforms

The table above illustrates the steady growth in the .mp domain registrations, highlighting its expanding footprint in the digital domain landscape.

Advantages of Opting for a .mp Domain

Choosing a .mp domain comes with a host of benefits. Below are some key advantages:

  • Memorability: The .mp domain's unique extension makes it easy to remember, providing a competitive edge in marketing and brand recognition.
  • Availability: Compared to more saturated domains like .com or .net, finding a desirable .mp domain name is often easier, offering more opportunities for customization and creativity.
  • Localization: For businesses and individuals in the Northern Mariana Islands, a .mp domain offers a sense of local pride and relevance, potentially enhancing regional engagement.

Challenges and Considerations

Despite its many benefits, the .mp domain is not without its challenges. Prospective registrants should be aware of certain considerations:

  • Perception: Some users may not recognize the .mp extension, potentially affecting initial trust. However, this can be mitigated with strategic branding and communication.
  • Renewal Policies: It's important to stay informed about the domain's renewal policies and fees to avoid unexpected costs or loss of the domain.

Strategic Utilization of the .mp Domain

"Leveraging the .mp domain requires a strategic approach," as marketing experts suggest. Whether for personal projects or business ventures, understanding how to maximize its potential is key. This involves thoughtful selection of domain names, clear branding strategies, and consistent communication of the domain's value proposition to target audiences.

Future Prospects

The future of the .mp domain appears promising. With increasing digitalization globally and the rising demand for unique online identities, the .mp domain is well-positioned for growth. Its appeal is likely to broaden, encompassing a wider array of uses and users, from tech startups looking for a catchy domain to individuals seeking a distinctive online presence.

In conclusion, the .mp domain represents a fascinating blend of local culture and global digital trends. Its unique characteristics, combined with a strategic approach to its use, offer substantial opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the .mp domain is poised to play an increasingly significant role in shaping online identities.