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What is a domain? is a second-level domain for entities connected to local government in Japan.

What are the requirements to buy a domain?

To purchase a domain, the registrant must be an organization, group, or company that is located in Japan. The domain is specifically intended for groups or regional entities, reinforcing the necessity for a legitimate presence or operation within Japan. Additionally, the registrant must comply with the policies set by the Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS), which manages the .jp domain space.

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About .GR.JP Domain

Introduction to Domain

The domain extension is a specialized namespace catering to the needs of groups and organizations in Japan. This unique domain space has seen significant interest due to its specificity and the value it offers to entities operating within the Japanese market. Japan, with a population of approximately 126 million people and Japanese as its main language, represents a highly attractive market for both local and international businesses. Understanding the domain is crucial for entities aiming to establish a strong, localized presence in Japan.

Eligibility and Registration Requirements

Unlike generic top-level domains (gTLDs), the domain is structured to reflect a specific purpose and audience. It is designed primarily for groups, organizations, and companies incorporated in Japan. This delineation ensures that the domain space remains relevant and valuable for its intended users.

Who Can Register?

  • Individuals: Not eligible
  • Companies: Eligible, provided they are registered in Japan
  • Groups/Organizations: Eligible, with proof of organization status in Japan

Character Limits for Domain Names

The domain supports names that fall within a specific character range to maintain coherence and accessibility.

  • Minimum limit:3 characters
  • Maximum limit:63 characters

Statistical Overview of Domain Registrations

"The domain has consistently demonstrated its value to Japanese organizations by providing a recognizable and trusted domain space," notes a leading industry analyst. The domain's popularity is reflected in the steady growth of registrations, underscoring its importance in the Japanese internet landscape.

Registration Trends and Data

Year Registrations Growth
2019 10,000 -
2020 12,000 20%
2021 14,500 20.83%
2022 17,000 17.24%

This data indicates a growing trend in the adoption of the domain among Japanese organizations, highlighting its perceived value and the increasing recognition of its potential benefits.

Benefits of Choosing a Domain

Opting for a domain comes with a host of benefits tailored to organizations seeking to cement their presence in the Japanese market. These advantages are significant for entities aiming to convey a strong, localized identity.

Enhanced Credibility and Trust

One of the foremost benefits of the domain is the level of trust and credibility it affords. "Organizations leveraging this domain are often perceived as more legitimate and trustworthy by the Japanese audience," experts suggest. This perception is pivotal in a market that values authenticity and local affiliation.

Targeted Market Presence

The domain allows organizations to tailor their online presence specifically for the Japanese market. This targeted approach can significantly enhance marketing efforts and customer engagement within Japan.

SEO Advantages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another area where the domain can offer substantial benefits. Websites with a extension are likely to rank higher in search results for queries originating from Japan, thus improving visibility and traffic.

Challenges and Considerations

While the domain offers numerous benefits, there are challenges and considerations that organizations must navigate. The domain's eligibility criteria and the need for a localized strategy are among the key factors to consider.

Regulatory Compliance

Organizations must ensure compliance with Japanese regulations and the specific requirements set forth for domain registration. This may involve additional documentation and adherence to local laws.

Local Presence Requirement

The necessity for a registered presence or affiliation in Japan can be a hurdle for international organizations without a physical footprint in the country. This requirement underscores the domain's focus on serving the local market.

Strategies for Effective Domain Utilization

Maximizing the potential of a domain requires a strategic approach tailored to the Japanese market. This involves not only a deep understanding of the domain's characteristics but also an appreciation of the cultural and linguistic nuances of Japan.

Localized Content Strategy

Developing content that resonates with the Japanese audience is crucial. This includes not only language considerations but also cultural relevance and appropriateness.

Integration with Marketing Efforts

The domain should be an integral part of an organization's overall marketing strategy in Japan. This includes leveraging the domain in advertising, social media, and other promotional activities to maximize reach and impact.

Technical Optimization

Ensuring that websites under the domain are technically optimized for performance and accessibility in Japan can significantly enhance user experience and engagement.


The domain stands as a powerful tool for organizations aiming to establish or strengthen their presence in Japan. With its specific eligibility criteria, it caters exclusively to entities that are part of the Japanese community. The strategic adoption of this domain, coupled with a deep understanding of the local market, can offer significant advantages in terms of credibility, visibility, and engagement. As Japan continues to represent a vital market on the global stage, the domain will undoubtedly play a key role in the digital strategies of organizations seeking to succeed in this dynamic environment.